Saturday, March 16, 2013

Serenity Interruptus!!

As I said in my last post ~~~ come along
and I'll show you what we ran into!!!

Well ~~~ here they all are!
3 more doggies + me!

This feller in the middle is an Australian Labradoodle mid-size range with mucho hair
like I used to have last month!
The other feller is a Lab mix
both full of life.

We ran around, sniffed a few times and then....

I excused myself while I dive bombed the humans!

There ~~~ I got my fix!

Then I realized that the owner of these 2 munchkins
was someone else sauntering down the beach.

"Just wanted to let you know, your guys are a whole lot of fun
and I needed this craziness today!" I told her.

We are just like yin and yang
long hair ~~~ short hair
tall ~~~ short
Mr.Orangie ~~~ No Mr. Orangie!

So for me the humans can have their
but for me
Serenity Interruptus
is far more appealing and joyous.

I see you!!