Monday, March 4, 2013

SuperDoodle Sleek ~~~

And ~~~ I'm over the edge, 
because I'm SuperDoodle!

Just kidding!
Do you see the ducks?
Well, they saw me and they are about to hightail it out of here!

Jim said "Freeze"
So I did!

~~~ just joking ~~~

I am full of it today,
because of my new sleek and slender haircut.

I'm always waiting with my Mr. Orangie, it seems!

Jim says "Hi" to you all!
 He likes to wave when he's in precarious places.

I smell something right here.
My nose has SuperDoodle powers too!

See what I mean!
Jim likes to wave.

This is one of my favourite stretches to walk.
See that old well down below me.
Don't know much about it at all.

I know this is a long walk today,
but this is where we go most times 
when we visit this park.

And I met this frisky feller, only 8 months old
and believe me
he was a hopping mess 
all over the place.

Aaaahhh ~~~ that's better,
excuse me Jim!
uhm ~~~ the lead is ~~~ uhm ~~~ on my head!

seriously it was making me cross-eyed!

Thanks I was afraid I'd trip
and you'd go flying!

Such is the day in the  life of a SuperDoodle!
Anytime you are in town,
come on along!