Friday, March 8, 2013

Wave Action & Doodle GPS!

Realizing that a nor'easter was skirting our province today 

we happened to visit Eastern Passage 
another of our coastal communities near the city

The wave action was relentless, strong and unforgiving

This shoreline is covered in huge rocks making it difficult to traverse 

and with the onslaught of the waves no one in their right mind wanted to be down there.

This will show you the waves persistent in their crashing and churning of the shoreline 

With the constant deluge of whitecaps and rolling waves on one side of the boardwalk
we decided to seek refuge on the other side out of the force of the wind.

Oh joy ~~~ I remember this grassy section from last summer's visit
 with Mr. Orangie
and use of my Doodle GPS
I am able to  position MacNab's Island to the left
Eastern Passage to the right
The City of Halifax in the far distance.