Saturday, March 29, 2014


Such is my life right now!
We are taking care of each other 
because it just feels right and normal.
It's been a tough winter
having a snuggle
a hug
helps to make the winter go away.
Excuse us while we have a snooze!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


We discovered a new 'to us' park on Sunday
called Hemlock Ravine Park.
As we maneuvered the trails hilly, curvaceous and narrow
we rounded this corner and there it was 
Do you see it?

OK, normally I totally ignore birds

but this time something came over me

I was possessed leaping 
over the bank without a worry in the world.

Get back here ~~ this is not going to be embarrassing 
if I have anything say about it!!

Oh HI!
Were you actually watching me?
Nothing here but me and the chickadees!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


High on the rocks 
standing so still
 it's Jim
what's he up to anyway!?!

Behind him is this old country church which ~~~

just gets me all DOODLE CRAZY 
which is OK
because I'm outside not inside!

Life with Jim can be one dance after another you know!

Gees, that was mighty mysterious!
wasn't it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Little did I know that after discovering this large stump on the beach ~~~

with the sweet ocean scents permeating every nook and cranny

would I be so fortunate enough to see this view on the way back to my car.

The rays of the setting sun outline my chocolate brown Doodle fur

coaxing me back to the warmth of the back seat of the vehicle

There's my car with Jim waiting patiently 
because March is mighty cold this year
and only Ron would walk with me.

Life from the back seat of my car
always warms my heart!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014


We are on the hunt / the search to find graffiti ~~~

which an FB friend assured us was located on the Dartmouth side of the harbour
(see me with my intense graffiti-searching Doodle stare!)

searching the railways and ferry terminal proved that
we needed to move on 
with SUCCESS ~~~

we discovered so much graffiti that the overload was somewhat overwhelming ~~~

in a GOOD way though

because creativity is what makes us tick

always has!
(Psst: Jim and I are in the car just pretend you see us!)

Anyone who can appreciate graffiti

will see something that will hit them square in the heart

or even boost the imagination

Mural after mural kept appearing

as we rounded corners and cut across empty unused parking areas

just look at the intricacy of these lines

of someone else's view on life

from one corner to another

I see the word SEA here
part of another word ~~

which makes this all that much more special
since the SEA / OCEAN is just a stone's throw away.
Hope the SMILES tell it all ~
we are all different / so intertwined / yet as one in this world of ours!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hi Ho!
I'm over here just to Jim's right hiding in the grass.

Apparently the rest of the country
was being blanketed with white white snow
while we were drenched in rain ~~~

thus the mist / warmer temps cover the shoreline

making all the rocks a beautiful shade of dark gray
and ruddy brown

The important thing is 
~~~ Ron is taking my picture again ~~

and photos of seafoam

wet rocks

and beautifully graceful seagulls
flying overhead.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Before the "unexpected" of 2 weeks ago I visited my daycare
and needless to say I had lots to say upon my retrieval.
Daddy Jim explained what had happened to Daddy Ron
so I digested the news and immediately settled into "care-taking" mode !

He wanted me to tell you that with fingers/toes/legs all crossed
the healing of his heart has begun.
With 2 stents implanted + one other vessel unable to be "stented"
and after 2 hours on the table
he emerged exhausted but determined to move forward.

Life's curves whether pre-destined or by choice
have reached this juncture
which has thrown us all off kilter.

 Daddy Jim has already been down this road
turned the corners and returned,
so with this under his belt helping Ron seems so familiar.

How many times have we all heard,
"You just don't look like you could have had a heart attack Ron!
You are so active, have been all your life!"

I guess eating good foods, being active, 
staying clear of smoking and the devil's juice (wink wink)
did help a lot
but could have made the event happen sooner and more fatal
if not followed.

 Family history is the culprit,
from brother to mother to grandmother.

So with all of this information and so much more
we head off into the horizon
taking one day at a time.

So on drab sky days like the one's you see today,
a bit of brightness finds its way to the forefront,
grabs your attention
if only for a split second.

But you know there is beauty in greys
I can settle for that right now.