Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My HeaRT of DaRKnesS

As many of you already know
my life and my Daddies' lives
have been turned upside down
with the sudden and unexpected 
occurrence of a heart attack
experienced by Ron 
last Tuesday & Wednesday mornings.

Ron thought he was having severe bacterial
stomach issues but sensed it just wasn't the same feeling.
They reached the hospital within 1/2 hour
and he was admitted
CAT scanned
plus so much more
before he knew it.

If you ever have ANY chest issues
go to emergency
tell them you have heart pains
you will JUMP to the head of the line.

With careful diagnosis
and after 2 hours on the operation table
3 '"stents" were put into his heart

Life's corridor has really changed
I plan on helping with my daily regime
of snuggles, nudges, chin presses and healing licks.

He had to return to the hospital 
after being released
which was "a good thing" 
in the long run.
Better safe than sorry.

So you see my 
is a little somber and heavy right now
but I assure you I will take care
of this Doodle Lover Daddy of mine.


  1. Oh Sophie Doodle!
    I can imagine how concerned you were for Daddy Ron! I was too ~ could hardly stop thinking about it. I know all about the emergency room routine and being prodded and poked. The poor guy! It's a scary thing to go through, but once you understand what's going on, you can deal with it.

    Terry once tried hiding chest pains from me many years ago. I suddenly realized that things were not normal and dragged him to the emergency room. I was more pissed than worried! Turned out he was having a reaction to a drug. I let him know in no uncertain terms, that if he pulled another stunt like that, I'd personally strangle him and he wouldn't have to worry about a heart attack ~ I do tend to get overwrought at times! LOL!

    So you watch those Dads of yours and you call 911 if you suspect anything! Better Late Than Sorry!!!!! And when you're giving Ronnie TLC, whisper to him that I'm damn glad he's with us and on the road to recovery! You have my go ahead, Gurlfriend, to sit on him, if he gets too ambitious as he heals!

    *Lots of Hugs* LooLoo

  2. *Gulp*. Please take care of Daddy Ron..make sure he does EXACTLY what the Drs tell him...OK so they are not vets, but the next best thing...and look after Daddy Jim too., methinks all your love will help both of them.
    Jane xxxxx

  3. Don't worry, Princess Sophie!
    Soon everything will be just fine!
    Paws crossed around here for you and your dads!

    Kaiser and Fusquinho

  4. I never doubted how important you would be to your Dad's recovery. Hopefully your topsy turfy lives will return to normal very soon. Big hugs from Skoog Farm.

  5. We are praying for a full recovery for your daddy Ron. I know how healing your loving care is so keep up the good doodle care! Hugs to all of you.

  6. Sophie, you would have known so well that Ron was not well, and now he is home, you can give him all that TLC you do so well. And Jim, he needs lots too. Stay close to them, and the healing will go forward in leaps and bounds, as only you can do so well, even in the snow. Hugs to all, Jean.

  7. OMD!!! We didn't know. We wondering where you and Mr Orangy were. We're so happy Daddy Ron got to the hospital early. We're crossing our paws, it's all we can do from a distance. But we know Sophie, you'll be in there giving him (and Daddy Jim) lots of lovin' so they feel better.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  8. He'll be better soon with both you and Daddy Jim on the nursing staff, Sophie! Best wishes to Daddy Ron!

  9. We are with you Sophie! Many thoughts with soon recovery we send you.
    Hugs to you all from us!

  10. Oh, Sophie, we were all so worried about Daddy Ron. I am really happy to see that everything has turned out okay, and that he's on the mend. Your "snuggles, nudges, chin presses and healing licks" are just what he needs. Best wishes to Daddy Ron!

  11. Dr. Sophie, I'm so glad we can count on you. Give those dads extra love from me, please.


  12. Sophie we hadn't heard that. We are so sorry about this. We are sending our best to Ron. Hugs. Hailey and Zaphod

  13. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and to your dads, Sophie! We hope daddy Ron is back to 100% soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Oh Sophie, we did NOT know about this! We are so sorry to hear your dad had heart troubles but GLAD that they were able to open up his blood supply. We hope he will heal well and totally! It is so impawtent to have a healthy heart. The most impawtent thing so it is good you will be caring for him!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. I do hope Ron is doing better now, take care.

  16. Sending lots of love, Ron. I was sad to hear that you were having such a tough and scary time. I know that Sophie will help you immensely - she's so full of love for you! We're thinking of you as you heal.

  17. There's not better nurse than you Sweet Sophie. Under your care he'll be 100% in no time!

  18. What a scary thing, but how lucky that he went to the hospital and didn't wait around. I am sure that having you there to play nurse will make him heal much faster. Honestly, I don't know how humans ever get well without a canine around! Tell him that we're sending lots of good thoughts from here!


  19. it's good to know that you are there taking care of daddy Ron and helping him heal, taking care of daddy Jim and helping him to stay strong. You are the best doodle!

  20. Oh Sophie
    I know you will take the best care of your dad. Is he back home yet from the hospital- so you can lick his face?
    Here are more healing bubbles coming your way!

  21. Sophie, please give both Ron and Jim special snuggles from us. What a scary time for all of you...

    Bart Ruby and Otto

  22. Sophie, you make sure you look after Ron...keep an eye on him and tell him we send our love :-)

  23. Wow, this certainly IS a life changer. I am sending all the warmest and best wishes I have this morning your way. May all of you have an easy time of healing and are soon back up and feeling normal. Hopefully the operation will even make Ron feel better than ever. Lots of love.

  24. I'm so glad that you are there to take care of Daddy Ron. (Daddy Jim, too!)

  25. Ron-- we are all so happy that you are home and beginning your journey to healing. Your recovery will be the answer to prayers from all of your friends-

    I send you much love and prayers (daily prayers) for your recovery. Praying that soon you will be back on the beach with Sophie and Jim:)


  26. So happy Ron is home! Take good care of him and give him a big lick from Oscar.

  27. Just checking in on you again, Ron! You're probably all over Facebook, and you know how bad I am at that! I hope today finds you feeling stronger and more like yourself! Something like this rocks your world, but then you get things in perspective and walk on. Take care, my friend!

  28. Sophie we just heard this ~
    All of us here at the farm are sending love and well wishes for Ron .
    Take good care of him , we know you will.

  29. So happy Ron is on the mend. Sophie, take good care of him and keep his spirits up!

  30. I'm sorry I've only just caught up with this unexpected news.
    Sending love and best wishes for Ron's speedy recovery.
    Look after your Dads extra well Sophie.
    Eileen and Annie

  31. Thinking of you, Ron! I hope you are feeling more like yourself every day! Jim's got your back! Take care!

  32. sending hugs and prayers of support to all of you-

  33. Wow Ron, what a shock! That said, a good friend of mine had what sounds to be the exact procedure last spring and he is now feeling well and significantly improved. I am sure you will feel the same too! All best wishes for a speedy recovery - Mark

  34. Sending you hope, energy, and high spirits!!!!! You go! (Somewhat prudently!)

  35. Dear Sophie, with you in his life, your daddy will recover so much faster. Not only do you have all that love and all those licks and kisses to give, but once he gets better, you will be his motivation to go out and walk with you. And walking on the beaches, in the parks, and on the trails will be the very best medicine for him. All the best to your Daddy, please give him a big Doodle hug from me and Samson.

  36. The best treatment for whatever ails you... Sophie and Jim.

  37. Thinking of you!!!!! Beaches and woods are good for the heart and soul!

  38. I just noticed that your gorgeous snowflakes are gone! Now there is this lovely littoral! I'm probably going to have to break down and go to Facebook. I seriously need to be cloned! Take care, my friend! I know a number of people who have been thriving for years on stents. Downside: heart attack. Upside: truly grasping how precious life is and not taking it for granted! *Hugs & Energy*


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