Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My HeaRT of DaRKnesS

As many of you already know
my life and my Daddies' lives
have been turned upside down
with the sudden and unexpected 
occurrence of a heart attack
experienced by Ron 
last Tuesday & Wednesday mornings.

Ron thought he was having severe bacterial
stomach issues but sensed it just wasn't the same feeling.
They reached the hospital within 1/2 hour
and he was admitted
CAT scanned
plus so much more
before he knew it.

If you ever have ANY chest issues
go to emergency
tell them you have heart pains
you will JUMP to the head of the line.

With careful diagnosis
and after 2 hours on the operation table
3 '"stents" were put into his heart

Life's corridor has really changed
I plan on helping with my daily regime
of snuggles, nudges, chin presses and healing licks.

He had to return to the hospital 
after being released
which was "a good thing" 
in the long run.
Better safe than sorry.

So you see my 
is a little somber and heavy right now
but I assure you I will take care
of this Doodle Lover Daddy of mine.