Monday, March 17, 2014


We are on the hunt / the search to find graffiti ~~~

which an FB friend assured us was located on the Dartmouth side of the harbour
(see me with my intense graffiti-searching Doodle stare!)

searching the railways and ferry terminal proved that
we needed to move on 
with SUCCESS ~~~

we discovered so much graffiti that the overload was somewhat overwhelming ~~~

in a GOOD way though

because creativity is what makes us tick

always has!
(Psst: Jim and I are in the car just pretend you see us!)

Anyone who can appreciate graffiti

will see something that will hit them square in the heart

or even boost the imagination

Mural after mural kept appearing

as we rounded corners and cut across empty unused parking areas

just look at the intricacy of these lines

of someone else's view on life

from one corner to another

I see the word SEA here
part of another word ~~

which makes this all that much more special
since the SEA / OCEAN is just a stone's throw away.
Hope the SMILES tell it all ~
we are all different / so intertwined / yet as one in this world of ours!