Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cafe au Lait x 3!

This was the beginning of an exhilarating visit
to Conrad's Beach.

Someone's very happy to be going to the beach!
(that would be Jim, of course!
He hasn't been to this beach for a few months
but a hop, skip and jump
just makes....missing the beach....seem so very far away.

Oh Hi!
I remember you from a couple of years ago
when your cuties were very, very, young and were completely chocolate.

Now they ALL 
look like cafe au laits.
I must say Moose, Holly and Cammy
make me very thirsty
and in need of a caffeine fix....just sayin' !

The cool thing about all this is...
We are ALL Doodles!
My friends are Australian Doodles...how exotic 'pour moi'!

We love chasing Mr. Orangie
we love to Doodle Dance!

Tag, I'm it!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect encounter.
See how we are all so HAPPY....
just full of Doodle Fun!

This shows you how different looking we are on the outside...
but it's what's on the inside that counts
because we all act the same.
Doodles are always ready for fun and people nuzzling.

And it's pretty obvious Daddy Ron
feels a kinship
maybe he thinks he's a Doodle!