Friday, August 16, 2013


The other day was a foggy, grey day, in more ways than one.
My Doodletail tells it all, as if it is writing 'something' in the air.
Mr. Orangie has sunken into the depths of the harbour.
~~~ all gone bye bye ~~~
( my tail was waving so long good friend )

But lo and behold
the next day
as if by magic
Mr. Orangie reappears.
My Doodletail is flipping more mini-water droplets of JOY !

To my surprise the guys pulled out of their pockets
a brand spankin' new Mr. O !

The waves could not hold me back 
as I charged into the water to fetch Mr. O !

Massive splashes
Doodle charging whitecaps
Surging breakers
I slipped through effortlessly

with two ears UP
way UP

Full Doodle pounding wave slam

In a matter of 24 hours
from a grey day of sorrow
to a brilliant day of JOY.


OK, Mr. Orangie
I've got my eye on you!
Let's get back to Doodle Business
'you be good to me
and I'll be good to you'
Sound Fair ?
High 5