Friday, August 16, 2013


The other day was a foggy, grey day, in more ways than one.
My Doodletail tells it all, as if it is writing 'something' in the air.
Mr. Orangie has sunken into the depths of the harbour.
~~~ all gone bye bye ~~~
( my tail was waving so long good friend )

But lo and behold
the next day
as if by magic
Mr. Orangie reappears.
My Doodletail is flipping more mini-water droplets of JOY !

To my surprise the guys pulled out of their pockets
a brand spankin' new Mr. O !

The waves could not hold me back 
as I charged into the water to fetch Mr. O !

Massive splashes
Doodle charging whitecaps
Surging breakers
I slipped through effortlessly

with two ears UP
way UP

Full Doodle pounding wave slam

In a matter of 24 hours
from a grey day of sorrow
to a brilliant day of JOY.


OK, Mr. Orangie
I've got my eye on you!
Let's get back to Doodle Business
'you be good to me
and I'll be good to you'
Sound Fair ?
High 5


  1. Does any dog in Canada get as much exercise as Sophie? I doubt it!

    1. Uh, nope!

      I stare and stare until the old guys get up and say "Well, I think Sophie wants to go out".

      Then, 1/2 hour later we are gone, whoooosh!!

      Sophie *ever patient* Doodle here!

  2. Yippee for you, Sophie! And I must say, your header photo is absolutely stunning.

    1. Hi Denise !

      So happy you like my latest header. I was on MacDonald Hill above our beach one evening and the sun was setting. I looked up because Ron said "Hey Sophe, was up?"

      I'm easy that way!!

      I looked up!!


      Cheers Sophie *look into my eyes* Doodle here!!

  3. You are the most photographed and exercised dog I know! You're in better shape than I am :)

    Tell daddy Ron that this is another fabulous set of photos.

    1. Exercise has changed since I was a 'youngin' because I used to tear up and down the beach and ended up hurting my leg. I heard the vet say to Daddios "Sophie is not a circus dog. So why are you making her workout as if she is?" We got the point loud and clear.

      Life is moderate now ~~ lots of swimming and walking and a bit of running!

      Fine with me ~~ no more hurt legs!!

      Hugs MArfa!

  4. Wow, you look like you are having fun, Sophie... sigh... wish I could join you!
    So glad they got you a new Mr. Orangie!

    1. Join me in spirit, Sharon!

      That's what I do with all my friends!!


  5. How sad you must have been to lose Mr O :-( I wanted to cry for you!
    but hey, your Dads are just so good to you with a fresh supply of Mr Os :-)
    What a fab set of photos.
    We want no more grey days, just sunshine and joy!

    1. We are experiencing a grand week of sunshine and joy!

      Seriously our summer was so hot and humid and now with fall in the air our air is so refreshing and almost perky.

      Love the perk!!

  6. It was a brilliant day!!! So happy you have some Mr O's in reserve! You look fantastic surging through those waves~

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Extra Mr. O's have a hiding place in my house. I swear I smell them some times when I least expect it ~~ a waft of Mr. O crosses my path ~~~ up go my ears!!

      What is that all about?

  7. So glad Mr O wasn't gone forever. Have a good weekend.

    1. In my eyes Mr. O never left but the old Mr. O is drifting sadly out to sea playing with the fishys!!!

  8. Is Sophie coming to next years Commonwealth Games in Scotland? I predict many medals for Ms Sophie of Canada.
    Very pleased to hear of a new Mr. O (best have a few spares I reckon)!

    1. So the COmmonwealth Games are very close to home. Now that's an understatement isn't it?! Are you going to attend?

      I could to the dog paddle for sure!!

      Sophie *loving new Mr. Orangie* Doodle here!!

  9. Ha, the 4th pic: you are a poodle :))))! You just look like my best buddy Sascha :D. Oh and YAAAAAY for the "return" of Mr O... *hehehe*

    Have a great weekend

    1. Say Hi to Sascha for me next time you play!

      I saw a poodle in the park, heck I see them all the time ~~ 4 black ones one day and we ran and ran and ran!!

      Sophie * 1/2 Poodle* Doodle here!!

  10. You are really working the camera,Miss Sophie!
    Jane x

    1. It's the runway/catwalk part of my world ~~~ cat ~~ did I say cat? Oh I get so tingly when I hear that word.

      I am ready for my close-up Mr. Deville, honestly!!!

  11. It was a miracle! A new Mr. O! Keep your eye closely on him, Sophie. The photos of you in the water are simply amazing. Your dad is a great photographer!

    1. I LOVE the water and for some reason Ron keeps throwing Mr. Orangie far out into the water ~~~ photo op know doubt ~~~ always looking for the PERFECT capture.

      Am I being used for someone else's gratification?

      Probably, but the trade off suits me just fine!!

      Sophie * hugs to Shyla & R * Doodle here!!

  12. Replies
    1. Overjoyed would pretty much describe this wonderful day!

  13. Hey Sophie! I'm so glad that Mr. Orangie resurfaced! And wow! Do you look like you were having a blast. I've been going back through your posts to make sure I haven't missed one. You are seriously making me homesick for Nova Scotia, girl! The waves at Peggy's Cove were gorgeous. I just want to run over those beautiful granite rocks. I hope that you and the guys are enjoying a good weekend. Take care!

    1. We are having a a BLAST too!

      I went swimming in the North West Arm at Point Pleasant Park in amongst the sailboat. Absolutely beautiful August weather the passed 3 days. This is what we wait for all year round. Jim says "There must some place in the world with weather like this all year round" We have to go there !!

      Have a great w/e!!

      Sophie *totally ZONKED, in a good way * Doodle here!!

  14. Hi Y'all!

    Oh Sophie, I'm so happy for you and Mr. Orangie!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  15. Hey! Hello! We haven't popped in for a while, so lots of catching up. So glad all turned out well with Mr. Orangie. Happy times! Ros and Oscar

    1. HI HO !!

      So glad to see you Ros and Oscar!!

      I am having a great time everyday it seems!!

      Come back!!



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