Friday, January 4, 2013

Mim & Maggie~~~~YES!!!

Mim and Maggie showed up unexpectedly for
my Daddy Ron's birthday and 
so we decided to go for a jaunt
on the grassy dunes at the beach.


But not as cold as -24C
like it was the other day!

When we returned
I noticed that my hair
and Auntie Mim's
were pretty much the same colours.
All I need is some cherry/purple/pink
then you couldn't tell us apart.

You know I really love her.

and Daddy Ron too.

Maggie and I spent some time zenlike in the window
checking for kitty kitties or any movement.

Walking the dunes and window scouting
can be exhausting
so we slept for a bit~~~~a power snooze!

Gees, I sure hope they come back again soon!
That was the best birthday I ever attended.
Now who's next in line for a birthday surprise visit?