Saturday, July 7, 2012

Always a Surprise with Ron!

 OK, so the other day
Ron took me for an afternoon trek
to the grassy dunes at the beach...

 this small area is nestled within the grassy dunes 
and I like to catch ball here
because it's free from rocks and twigs that 
can do a number on my toenails and feet.
 Safety from injury makes a good run so much more fun and enjoyable
for all concerned.
 Hey, Ron...what are you saying?
We are going...where?

 One more dive into the grasses and I'm ready
to head to a familiar place!
 We are going up there?
I can see the path winding up the slope.
Gees this is such a treat.
I love taking this on.
So here we go heading up

 heading straight up

What's over there?
Check us out the next time!