Thursday, July 5, 2012

Many Thnaks, I mean Thanks!

 Sitting patiently waiting for lunch to appear
on the table....
Daddy Jim plays a piano recital with his fingers.

 From out of nowhere Linda brings out
fish cakes/salad and 2 bowls of baked beans...!
Daddy Jim is a hungry man! bowl was for Daddy Ron...
should have known.
Jim was so appreciative with all the calls, emails,
JibJab card
blogger comments 
he received
Ron's and Sophie Doodle's Facebook connections.

A simple smile is easily generated 
when so many people reach out
on a person's milestone...on becoming 64.

Nonsense and fun keep us 
moving along slicing through
the heavy stuff.

See what I mean...childish?
Only if you don't have a heart!

So there...this is my attempt at making
all my followers smile at least....
Did it work!?