Monday, July 9, 2012

FREE and Easy Compost!

Firstly...sorry to disappoint all those
looking for FREE food...
 But if you want some FREE ingredients
for your compost 
then listen up.....!

 Yes, Starbuck's gives away their used grounds,
neatly packaged in these sturdy bags
and as I already said
"at no cost"
They may as well give it away
as toss it out!

I sniff each bag to make sure it passes inspection,
then Ron and Jim pour the contents
into the compost preparation area
on the other side of the property.

You'll see some of Jim's hard work 
in the beginning stages of this year's compost area.

Since we started retrieving these bags,
I'd say the guys have picked up over 50+ of them.
Last year we did the same thing 
and this year's
compost was like 
black gold....!