Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surprise Visit!

I am being on my best behaviour
'cause my new friend is coming.
I wonder if he likes to play ball?
Is he a short hair or a long hair?
Is he tall or short?
So many questions are flipping through my mind!
 Why...that's Jim with Jami, his neice....
and her brother, Matt with his girl, Erica.

So my questions have been answered!
It's Kali, an English Mastiff/Rotty mix.
He plays hard and fast....
I can handle that.

This is Erika's first time at the we headed over the dune to the shoreline.

Matt threw the ball real hard
and Kali charged into the water
with me close to his side.

I think Erika and Matt had a good time..
I made sure everything was OK as they walked hand 'n hand back to the car.

We reached the car and rested on the grass and talked 'dog'.
We really know how these float-able balls work...
 sharing my ball with my new friend was the natural thing to do.