Monday, November 1, 2010


I smell something!
What is it?
Is it one or more than one?

Over here?

How about here?

Still trying to figure this out!

This is a mystery and I'm bamboozled!
What's that sound I hear over there?

Why it's Jim and the chickadees!
(Is that a new music group?)

The little fella's were determined to get our attention today.
Unfortunately,we didn't have any food with us.
At least, we enjoyed watching them flit about and land on Jim's hand.


  1. They're so cute... I love how it landed on Jim's hand. Sophie, what's that red thing you have in your mouth? It looks like Gracie's Chickie Bird.

  2. That is so cool! And the photos are gorgeous, as always.

  3. OH! How cool is that??? Better get some birdseed for the little guys!

  4. Sophie, tell Jim he is one lucky guy to have a little chick-a-dee perch on his hand!!!! I am sooo envious!!!


  5. He must be the bird man, cool
    Benny & Lily

  6. I love when a chickadee lands on my hand -- I feel just like St. Francis of Assisi! (About the closest I'll ever get to being a saint!)

  7. That is so col how that little bird landed on Jim's hand...maybe he is a bird whisperer..

  8. Oh Sophie, I love your header. It's bright and red and you look great there.

    It's so cute that the little bird land on Jim's sweet!

  9. Hi Sophie! We used to be famous because we were on The Meanest Cat In The World's blog (him being Poonie) but he went to Kitty Heaven earlier this year and so no one hears about us anymore. Bummer! So Mom said she was going to do something about making us famous again but she had to wait until after the Republicans took over the world again and stopped running all those ads she spent all her time yelling at--now she has the time to make a blog for us. Yay! Love, Holly Z. Chihuahua and Boogie Woogie Big Dog. P.S. BooBooKitty lives with us, too.

  10. GORGEOUS FIELD PHOTOS with very beautiful SOPHIE;
    the goldenred in the grass matches perfect her goldenred lovely fur....!!!!

    SOPHIE....I am convinced my LACCAILLE would love to run over and "searchandcatch" this red ball together with you!!

    Magnificient little funny and curious bird...!

    ciao ciao elvira


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