Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rainbow Haven!

I went to a new beach today called Rainbow Haven Beach!

This is the typical boardwalk we use to discover our new beach.

OK guys, I'm first to arrive and the beach is all ours.
Throw that ball!

So smooth...that's how I like it!

The waves are different here.
They are long, wide and very fast.

Now I want to come back to this place again.
We don't live very far from the beach.
It's just that it takes three times as long to get here
as compared to Lawrencetown Beach.

I dry off somewhat on the trek back to the car.
I ususally make sure the sand is all through my hair.
Never heard of a dry and sandless dog at the beach.
Have you!?

Just an add on...
Ron wanted you to see the Bayberry bushes with their bayberries.

The shrubs were very healthy here.
It appeared to be due to the protection from the beach and forest nearby.
The berries were quite big.
Fun to pick some and crush them in your hands.
Sweet savor and long lasting.