Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Listen Sister, I'm not a Pointer!

Listen Sister, I'm not a Pointer!
Really I'm a Doodle...
Just look in to my eyes!

I do, however, point out my favourite things!

and in this case, that would be....!

green beans, particularly scarlet runners on the vine.
I enjoy them so much, I even eat the leaves.
Notice the leaves are pretty much stripped from the bottom of the vines.

Oh, Hi Ron. 
I'm just dreamin' about the beans....up so high.
Just one..only one!
would really sat..is..fy!


  1. Sophie, with those eyes I'm betting you can get whatever you want!


  2. You are so right....I just sit calmly and stare and all of the sudden I get a morsel handed to me...mmm!

  3. That same technique is used on me daily.
    Of course I'm a sucker for it everytime.

  4. Really Sophie, just one look into those eyes.... everyone is mesmerized, your will is their command!

  5. Well, I for one think you should have all of the beans you want. You are just the cutest girl.

  6. Sophie, I love green beans too! They're the best. Gracie.

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  8. green beans are very good...my boys love to eat leaves..

  9. You sure can communicate with just a look. Words are too primative.

  10. Sophie

    We're so impressed you eat beans! Wish I could get anyone or indeed animal in this house to eat some!

    take care
    Murray's Mom

  11. Hi Sophie-luv :D You do have the most beautiful face. You have good taste, too, I see (green beans ;). Are you a flex-a-tarian like me? Veggies, fruits, grains, and meats...it's all good! Love and hugz, beauty.

  12. Dear Sophie, we like also green beans...
    you look so lovely and have most beautiful eyes!
    Lots of hugs from Nero

  13. You wouldn't by any chance have your daddy's wrapped around your paw now would you? :) Who could say no to you.


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