Saturday, October 2, 2010

Did I say I was at the BEACH again!

Yesterday was absolutely warm and balmy. 
We decided to go to the beach even though fog lay over our house. 
As we neared the beach area the sun popped through. 

The warm breezes were so unexpected for Oct 1. 
This is the fall season so shouldn't we be super bundled up getting ready for the sharp cold winds....nope!

I was beyond myself with joy. 
I can go swimming again and I took full advantage of it.

Just lazing around on the water's edge. 
That's my idea of heaven.

Also, the sun was reflecting off the water and just added that feeling of...omg...this is beautiful!

Jim spent some time with training. 
I'm always open to that. 
Now, let's see if I remembered anything.

Ron calmed me down before I ventured across these rocks. 
I have a tendency of running full tilt across anything without worrying about the consequences (as in cut paw pads).

Surfers were in abundance.

I`ve learned to be focused when Ron has the ball. 
I always keep my eye on it.

All and all, I`d say the outing was pretty much perfect from my point of view!