Saturday, October 2, 2010

Did I say I was at the BEACH again!

Yesterday was absolutely warm and balmy. 
We decided to go to the beach even though fog lay over our house. 
As we neared the beach area the sun popped through. 

The warm breezes were so unexpected for Oct 1. 
This is the fall season so shouldn't we be super bundled up getting ready for the sharp cold winds....nope!

I was beyond myself with joy. 
I can go swimming again and I took full advantage of it.

Just lazing around on the water's edge. 
That's my idea of heaven.

Also, the sun was reflecting off the water and just added that feeling of...omg...this is beautiful!

Jim spent some time with training. 
I'm always open to that. 
Now, let's see if I remembered anything.

Ron calmed me down before I ventured across these rocks. 
I have a tendency of running full tilt across anything without worrying about the consequences (as in cut paw pads).

Surfers were in abundance.

I`ve learned to be focused when Ron has the ball. 
I always keep my eye on it.

All and all, I`d say the outing was pretty much perfect from my point of view!


  1. Sophie you are so lucky! And smart! And obedient! Glad you had a beautiful time.

  2. Gorgeous beach Wow I'm in awe. Those rocks are something. Look a lot like river rocks. Wonderin what they would have washed up/down from?

    Enjoy your day,

  3. This beach is a narrow spit of land connecting 2 peninsulas(basically). The rocks are in the ocean(some on land) and the Atlantic storms wash them up onto the beach. Nova Scotia beaches(many of them) are like this. The southern beaches of the province are sandy and dune like. The beaches change almost daily however the seasons dictate whether the sand is up or the rocks are up on the beach.

  4. You dogs are so smart, Sophie! You know how important it is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

  5. It certainly is a beautiful beach. I can see where dog and human alike would love to spend hours there.

  6. A beautiful day to be on the beach, that's for sure! Enjoy them while you can!

  7. You are such a lucky girl to have such beautiful beaches to run around on. Samson Says: Don't be scared of the coyote, it's smaller than me and I would protect you always. I'm a very big boy now.

  8. Be careful running on those rocks for sure. I'd fall and bruise my noggin for sure.

  9. What a special place Sophie!!!! Fantastic photographer you have :) Love the lazing in the waves, that was a great shot among all the amazing photos! Have a ball.... :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. The pictures of your day are just beautiful! I hope I'm lucky enough to see such a sight when I go to the beach next week!


  11. Hi Sophie
    Your beach photos make me miss mine!
    A few weeks ago,,, i was at out coast,,, and I saw whales!

  12. Hi Sophie,

    I saw your thumbnail photo on 4B's bloggie and I just had to come say HI! You are very cute!! Very lucky too to have such a booootiful beach. I love rockies, I'd be in heaven if I were on that beach.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  13. Hello!
    We are crazy about beach too!
    Love the photos!
    Big pawsahakes from Portugal!
    Jack, Kaiser & Fusquinho

  14. Sophie, you have the best life! Lucky girl!
    I bet you dry off faster with your new 'do.


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