Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mim Mim

You ask who is Mim Mim?

Well, she's Jim's little sis.
 She smiles a lot and is super fit.
Arm wrestles are no problem for her.
I like it when she visits 'cause we always go to the beach.

She is a dog lover and has had many dogs over the years.
Here we are waiting for her,
 while she talks to a dog owner on the boardwalk in the distance.
Not unusual for Mim Mim to talk to anyone and everyone!

As you can see these two get along just fine!
It's always the best time when Mim Mim visits.

As I said I love her to bits!

OK, so she's gone home.
When can I expect her back?
I can't help it if I have to sit in the window,
 until I see her car pull up in the driveway.
She makes me feel good all over!