Monday, October 11, 2010 new and bestest friend, ever!

So my dad's sista Mim Mim calls and she wants to go for a walk on the beach.
SURE...was the resounding answer!
Accompanying her was Kim and LIAM!
He's my new boyfriend!
(please don't tell Clancy
I know you'll keep it to yourself)
winkity wink!

Liam is a Golden Retriever all of 7 years.
He was beyond himself with excitement 
running down the path through the fields to the beach....

Liam stops for a brief roll in the hay!

Into the water full force.
Liam really likes the water and
check this out...

Rolling in the wet sand is like a christening,
a right of passage sort of....

We both know how to swim
and add the ball into the!
Liam is fast and I naturally
let him get to it first.

The walk was a complete success.
I said to Liam...come back any time...
I'll show you some of my other moves I've learned on this beach.