Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunny Morning!

As I stood outside near the Weeping Mulberry
drenched in the morning sun,
word had it Marilyn, Jim's sis was coming for a visit 
and a walk on the beach!

The guys weren't pulling my leg...
There she was taking a tour through my garden.
Let me out there, please!
She needs a good sniff and lick ;-) !

Before I knew it,
we jumped into the car
and headed to the beach.
Now that's good decision making!

OK, Ron, is this posey enough!
It's cold and windy for Pete's sake! brr,brr

This was a beautiful walk this morning.
I had to round them up continually!
You may see some tails wagging in the grass
 as I mentioned in my last blog to Houndstooth.
(Look real hard and if you pretend you'll see them)

One important part of my walk this time of year is
the feast of rosehips.
I discovered I liked these last year.
The long growing season this year
has produced some mighty huge berries....yesss!

This part of the 'follow the leader' walk is my fave
and it captures the feeling of
'sunny, cold and windy' kind of weather.
So refreshing!