Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shubie dubie doo!

(shoo ben ack a dee)
Say that 5 times fast!
Ready, Set, Go!

This is a park for everyone!
And in particular, for us puppies, we have our own off-leash area.
It is truly amazing, diverse and huge.

There is a huge lake to meander in while searching for an orange ball.

There are trails frequented by many breeds of puppies
like this Boxer named Hugo who is one big wiggler!

and this St. Bearnard puppy(sorry forgot the name)...
who wanted to run and play with me so much!

Now running into this Chocolate Poodle
brought out every ounce of Poodle in me.
It's amazing how we run the same, 
dance the same 
and hold the ball the same.

See how we work(play) together.
This... I find amazing, especially when it all clicks in.

At the dog beach, I found 2 friends who wanted to run and dive after
the stick and my orange ball.
Check out the size of that stick!

Into the water without a single thought of temperature....
just to get the ball first.

I see you looking.
Yeah... I know my friend got the ball.
Not for long though!

After this good walk and swim, 
we found a canal
with ducks swimming around.

and this pond was near our parked car with more ducks.

So calm and carefree...

I hope you enjoyed my lengthy sojourn at Shubie Park.
I'm so excited because I may go again tomorrow.