Sunday, November 28, 2010

Queensland more time! was one big surprise for me and
I want to share it with you!
I truly believed I would never see this beach again this year.
The three of us jumped into the car and headed south.
We spent an hour and a bit on the roads and 
before we knew it we were on Queensland Beach.

 My exuberance was over the top as usual.
I chased my orange ball up and down the beach.

...returning immediately for instant gratification!

This beach is so very popular in the summer with the entire stretch totally covered in sunbaked bodies. 
The guys used to come here in the '70's and now enjoy the vista when it's less crowded.

So...if you are planning a trip to Nova Scotia
you must visit Queensland Beach,
early before 10am is so relaxing and peaceful.
The sound and scent of the gentle waves lingers in your mind
 remaining with you for some time later.
For me, of course, anytime is the right time!