Monday, November 22, 2010

Through the Window!

As I sat patiently in the kitchen window,
I noticed the comings and goings next door.
My neighbour, if you didn't already know, 
is the veterinarian in this area.
They have taken care of me from day one.
The guys actually left me alone as I watched them go next door.
What's going on? 
(and may I add....)
What's going on without me?

Looks like food and celebration!

I was right!
After a time of renovations,
the refurbished clinic is having an 'Open House'

Ron is talking to Dr. Zia and Dr. Weste
during the Open House

This is Lori, Michele and Angela                                  Gloria                                        Bucky--the builder guy

                                                             Dr. Julia Weste and her daughter Natalie are really great with me and my friends. Sometimes I get them mixed up. Yes, there is definitely a resemblance!

This is my gang next door and I feel so safe knowing they are close by. You never know when I may need to go there for something other than sniffing!