Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Quite Winter Yet ;-)

This morning Ron and I headed out to the backyard 
for my morning constitution.
I did some sniffing...
I was awake at 5am due to an ear ache.
Jim took me out 
and so I thought I should check out my property
'cause I'm sure I smelled some mighty strange smells out here earlier!

Pretty much everything gets the once over when I'm on a mission.

Once I made certain the coast was clear
I grabbed a stick and away I went.

can't see me, eh!

Here I out!

A few shakes for my problem ear added in....

Then a rest after all that foolishness!

and by the way, I heard all your pleas to be patient for winter
and guess what I'm listening.


  1. love the photos...hope your ear is better soon...Jake had ear problems when he was a puppy...thankgoodness no more...

  2. I'm sorry, Sophie, that you have an ear ache. But, I'm glad to see that you are managing to get around and inspect your property in spite of it. And, what a beautiful property it looks like.

  3. Good Morning, Sophie! Sorry to hear about the ear problems, I hope you get better soon! Yes, just wait for a winter snow for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve!


  4. What a beautiful Fall day for a romp with a stick in your yard :)

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Sophie, I'm sorry you have an ear ache. Those are no fun at all. Didn't you have one a little while ago too? Poor baby.
    I like those nice big rocks on your property.

  6. You sure are the purrtiest color Sophie. When we stop by all we hear mom do is ooooo's and aaaaa's
    Benny & Lily

  7. I hope your ear feels better soon. It sure looks like it didn't bother you much on your walk tho!

  8. We love those early morning run arounds. New smells that no one else has smelled yet and cool,zoomie conditions.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. What beautiful photos, so colorful for this time of year. I hope that your ear ache is getting better. That's no fun. But, I'm glad that you could romp this morning!

  10. Your backyard looks like a very good place for having fun and playing sticks!
    It seems you still have the fall with you! But don't worry, Sophie, winter is on the way! Hear the snow from afar?

  11. Dear Sophie, I hope you feel better soon! One more snow word: "Brings out the child in me!!" OOPHS, that was more than one word, sorry. Lovely late fall pictures. You did good on your inspection tour.--Inger


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