Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inukshuks Galore!

We decided to jump in the car on Sunday
and tour down the coast--the South Shore
dropping in on 
Jim's sister, JoJo 
partner Milan.

We visited and then decided to go further along 
the Blandford Peninsula to Bayswater Beach
for a walk and a swim.

Unbeknownst to us...we were to discover
a family, 
a very large family
(just have a look)

have been popping up in our travels
more than you can imagination.

 Down below me I saw one....!

 Over on the right...I've seen many!

and just recently I saw one
over there 
in the direction of my nose!

To find so many creations in one place
means someone or more
have taken a lot of time and energy
to construct some very interesting
and imaginative outdoor pieces of art.

Thank you!
Who ever you are!

PS: I found this one!

~~~~ winky wink!