Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early...YES, Early!

My wishes have been answered!
You ask what could I ever want, need or even wish for....well!

 An early morning cruise of the beach...
is what I really look forward to... you see anyone on the beach?
Nope...not this time,
so I can sniff until my heart's content.

 With this warm, slight breezy morning
I checked out the further end of the beach
from the boardwalk steps...

 nothing but beach...beach...and more beach
not a lot of sand but that will appear as if by magic
very always does!

OK...Ron...throw that ball and
I don't even care which one you toss...
really this is such a magical morning.
I feel so alive...
Now, you see why I'm so over the top
with my surprise early morning walk.