Thursday, September 4, 2014


High above in the steel blue sky floats the moon
heading towards the third and final super moon for 2014.

However I am much more interested in grabbing a slice of life
this evening with the skies clear
and the air,
a slight waft of coolness every now and again

I think you'll enjoy my hour
as we three amigoes
take in the last vestages of the sun-filled evening.

So is this lady with her robin's egg, baby-blue surf board
~ so very focused

So are these three fellows grabbing and hunkering down on the all-but spent waves

So are these three people
already exhausted from an evenings
thrill on the waves

So be it for these three guys
the faces tell it all

 High above again,
albeit from a closer view than what the moon offers,
I truly believe the plane load
full of travelers can see us down below.

Jim assures me that the visit isn't over yet

First I must sit

then like a cannon
I blast off!

How much did I love my wet romp?

I think this tells it all
as we saunter home
smothered in ruddy light.