Thursday, October 30, 2014


Over the passed 7 years of my Doodle Life
I have gotten to know Laura
who works at the Three Dog Bakery nearby.

Well, recently she informed us that she is in the middle
of a massage course for animals.

She asked my Dads if she could use me as a guinea pig.
Excuse me I'm a Doodle Pig !
But for this time being I can be whatever she wants me to be.

Don't you feel relaxed already?
I am in DOODLE NIRVANA, seriously !

Even my TOE-TOES were manipulated,
needless to say I am more that happy with this relationship.

Just take a look and listen !
I am zonked and I am quiet !

Laura, you are more than welcome to call me a Guinea Pig
anytime you want.
Huh? What you say?
Laura is coming back next Tuesday !
Just to see me !
I have hit the jackpot / lottery folks !!