Monday, November 3, 2014


Halloween Friday afternoon
bright, blue skies, fresh air
and smiles
ACE, Brynn's new puppy comes to visit for the 1st time.
The thing is I'm at daycare down the road so,

they came to pick me up 
and I felt it was my duty to welcome them all.
Brynn and Ace were heading for the corralled pasture ~

Psst: This little buzzing bumble bee took care of me all day.
Love bumble bees!

continuing on ~ Brynn and Ace had their eyes on Topaz and Tony.

 Nose kisses and socialization
start them young and you'll have a well-rounded doggy!!

We headed for MacDonald Hill after leaving day care.
ACE had never been here before so,

I did the obligatory intros and discussions of vistas then,

played uncontrollably while holding Mr. Orangie.
ACE is one active pupster,
just like me 7 years ago.
(leave me alone I just played super hard all day from 9 am to 4pm
with many doggies ~ I'm zonked)

All in all ACE put a smile on everyone's face including mine
when Mr. Orangie managed to slip out of my mouth
ACE tried to pick it up.
Thanks for dropping by you 2.
Always welcome.