Friday, November 7, 2014


Follow me !!
The boardwalk leads over the grassy dunes
(to protect them from being destroyed by
4 leggeds and 2 leggeds)
when you reach the other side, well ~

you will find whatever your heart desires
(in the lower right corner is one, 
not quite fully formed but close)

This is what I'm talking about !!
HEARTS on the beach.
They are there, 
you just have to be patient and imaginative.

Crashing waves 
constantly pummelling the rocks
grind them down 
over and over again ~

producing gems like these
waiting to be picked up
or to be photographed.

 The pounding surf is relentless
no wonder the shoreline changes constantly
season after season after season after season ~

but then without warning
you will fall upon something like this
sitting on the sand
as if it was meant to be
to be seen by myself
or you.

This is why I love to go to the beach.
Our beach has so much action somedays
and calm and serene on others.
Finding these
is like putting frosting on the cake.


  1. Hearts on the beach? That's because the sea LOVES them!
    Jane x

  2. Hearts on the beach. That is so cool! What a beautiful discovery.

  3. Look at the power of those waves!
    Hearts to you, Sophie and Dads.

  4. You wave photographs are spectacular, Ron! somehow, they just look colder than Hawaiian waves! Loved your beach hearts. Have a happy, happy weekend!

  5. We (((heart))) you, Sophie!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  6. Well, now, isn't that sweet? Lovely hearts!

  7. This is the beach of your dreams, visit often, and take home a heart or two for the pathway. Jean.

  8. You should take home a beach heart and paint a message for a lovely keepsake.
    I must look for some beach hearts myself now :)

  9. Great to see the waves and stones. I don't get to be at a beach very often as we live far inland ( 25 miles north of London)

  10. Oh look, you loves the beach and it loves you back by leaving you hearts !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. Sophie we be loving those beach hearts !!
    We don't get to the beach much so we love seeing you tell us all about the wonders and share your dads great pics.
    Bark on you beautiful Doodle,
    From Willows doggies

  12. Love the shots of the waves really nice indeed you see such bloody great things Sophie

  13. Such beautiful shots of the surf. I love the beach hearts.

  14. wow beach hearts-love love that. when I was collecting rocks from my property to make our rock shower, and rock some walls here-I found allot of very cool heart rocks-I placed them all over in my stone work-never would have thought you could find them on the beach too

  15. Yeah, Sophie, so glad you and Ron have such sharp senses. You two really do get the best out of your beautiful world.

  16. Good eye, Sophie - the hearts are special. I see them on the mountain trails, too. Perhaps they're reminding us to keep our hearts open. I can almost hear the surf just by looking at Ron's photos.

  17. I was once on the beach in Brighton, England, before going to the cemetery to visit my sister's grave. I found a perfect stone heart and brought it with me to leave on her grave stone. This brought a sweet memory back.

  18. We find heart rocks too! Yours a re beautiful!

  19. HEARTS ~ the symbol or the actual thing always helps whenever needed ~~ so if you see one just help it along by helping someone else ~ pay it forward if need be or pay it back !!

    For all of you from THE DOODLE GANG !!!


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