Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My life is pretty much the same each day
with maybe a variation in 
destinations and ~

today was no exception 
with the guys following me through the autumn dune grasses ~

I stopped for a second and the clicking began.
Must be something about the colours and lines 
as the Dads always say.

All I know is I was blessed with blond locks
on my head and legs
and whenever the perfect moment appears
they begin their photo dance.

Even Ron plays with my colours
almost having me totally hidden in the grasses.
Mr. Orangie always gives me away though.

Jim takes the high road along the dune's edge.
Don't you love the rocks, grasses and sky,
not to mention Jimbo !?!

JOY really is all I can show you
when I reach the top of the dunes.
I truly LOVE arriving and descending upon the beach.

although totally covered in layers
loves this beach too,
no matter what the season offers us and ~

I agree wholeheartedly,
because to leap and bound
to run and dive
inhaling and exhaling salty air
makes us healthier 
every time we come.