Saturday, October 18, 2014


Private showing time at a garage sale the other day
with an Ella Fitzgerald, 
a ukulele,
 an adult-rated barracks room ballad album
 to top the bill.
 Laughs all around got the ball rolling.

I wedged in behind Jim taking it slowly
but with determination.

Since it was dark inside at first
after being outside in the bright light,
I couldn't see my head for my tail.

But even if I am shorter than Jim and Ron,
I can help with figuring out what's what
especially under this table.
Anyone need a new / old blender?

Vintage everything covered every piece of furniture
so it took awhile to scan the lot and then take time to 
make a judgement call as to whether it was a sale or not. 

This is what I mean about humans,
if they only had my nose-sniffing 
I could zip & whip 
through that barn in no time flat.
Lickity Split I tell you.

In the meantime I sniffed this clover,
this lonely clover
waiting for the inevitable
a cozy blanket of snow