Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Wee Bit Windy Today !

I'd pretty much put up with anything to have my ball safely
lodged between my dentures!

Yes...as the title states...
It's a wee bit windy in my neck of the woods lately!

^^This windblown look reminds me of Woody the Woodpecker.^^

^^You'd think that all this facial hair blowing in my face would tickle^^

^^Well you know it kinda does, but I'm so used to it^^

^^Bring it on that Maritime Nor'ester wind. I can take it^^

 With this powerful wind coming off the ocean forming the magnificent sea spray,
 Jim has to hold on for dear life to remain upright.

No wonder I have to keep an eye on these guys.
A doodle's work is never done!