Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bright and Fresh!

This walk in the woods near my fave Summer beach
is usually the last part of our stroll we take.
However, this time we reversed our direction
to discover a somewhat new angle
to our special woods.
With all the as I count them... 
5 storms over the passed 5 Mondays
there are plenty of wet areas to maneuver.
They appear to be frozen
but don't let that fool you.
So the guys sent 'scout' out to discover the trail
...since when has my name changed to Scout?
No matter...I love going ahead 
seems to feel right.
Jim caught Ron taking a pic of me.
Jim really likes his new Nikon D90.
He took a couple shots of Ron and me in the woods.
I'm pretty good at sitting still,
especially when someone rubs my chest.
I go into a trance...I think it's called Doggy Trance.