Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our New Beach from a Winter Angle

a nor'ester came barreling in and gouged a large area
of the rocks and sand dunes away on Lawrencetown Beach.
This opened up the Atlantic Ocean to a clear path
to pummel the cranberry bog.
We decided to trek this area yesterday so see if there were anymore major changes.

The new space is still 'the makings of ' a new inlet/sandy beach.
It's only been a month however some rocks have shifted  
filling more of the once protected area.
The snow covers the sand now but once it is gone
the obvious change will be visible.

Sophie decided it was the perfect place for a break in the walk.

While Jim took pictures of Ron taking pictures of me...

vicey versey was happening with Ron taking pics of Jim and me!

There is so much I have to do to please these humans, you know.

All in all it could be worse.
So really, there are no complaints from me in the least.
A walk, a run and the 'bestest' of company.