Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our New Beach from a Winter Angle

a nor'ester came barreling in and gouged a large area
of the rocks and sand dunes away on Lawrencetown Beach.
This opened up the Atlantic Ocean to a clear path
to pummel the cranberry bog.
We decided to trek this area yesterday so see if there were anymore major changes.

The new space is still 'the makings of ' a new inlet/sandy beach.
It's only been a month however some rocks have shifted  
filling more of the once protected area.
The snow covers the sand now but once it is gone
the obvious change will be visible.

Sophie decided it was the perfect place for a break in the walk.

While Jim took pictures of Ron taking pictures of me...

vicey versey was happening with Ron taking pics of Jim and me!

There is so much I have to do to please these humans, you know.

All in all it could be worse.
So really, there are no complaints from me in the least.
A walk, a run and the 'bestest' of company.


  1. Glad you had a lovely time in lovely surroundings with lovely humans

    Love and licks Winnie

  2. It sure is beautiful Sophie. Mom is hoping to visit that area one day.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh Sophie! The pleasure is ALL mine!

  4. It will be fun seeing the different seasons on that new beach.

  5. Sophie, you are one lucky pup. None of my dogs have ever been to the beach. I'm curious, do you need grooming? As in, does your hair grow via the poodle in you and need trimming? You are such a beauty.

  6. Yeah, it's hard keeping humans amused all the time, isn't it?

  7. hit it spot on...entertainment or complete ignoring!

    LemonyRenee'...Yes I discovered a groomer last year Sandrawho cuts my locks 2 to 3 times a year. My dads were concerned about this process and the results...the $$ for the salon treatment are worth the vanity(besides doodles can have pretty scruffy hair sometimes)!

    Louise.. will make sure we take all seasons

    Benn & Lily...come on down...we will have a orange ball that is! wink wink

    Winnie...lovely 3 times means good luck!wink wink

  8. Nice to hit the beach, but I'll bet you'll like it better when you can go swimming!

  9. The beach really is an amazing place no matter the season or the weather!!!

  10. It is always crazy to see so much beach erosion! Great pictures!


  11. So a new beach in the making to explore....fantastic.

    Sometimes you have to perform, to get them to throw that ball.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. It will be fun watching your new beach change. Glad your daddies are recording it.

  13. This beach is seriously gorgeous. Oh my goodness. AMAZING! : ) I love that you are surrounded by so much beauty Sophie! I can't believe your Birthday is 5 days away!

  14. sophie you lucky girl... i love seeing your wonderful pictures of your beautiful beaches... you have good daddios... that's for sure..

  15. Mother Nature sure has her own way of painting landscapes eh? :)

    Beautiful place and Sophie havin a blast with her Pops :D

    Waggin at ya,

  16. Roo..Yes good ol' Mother Nature and the wild North Atlantic Ocean

    Christine...oh go on with ya!

    Kaishon...yes Feb 2 is my 4th birthday...time to partee!

    Terry...yes...maybe the gov't will want this record of land change as it progresses...must look into it

    Scotsmad...PERFORM...that's all I do it seems wink wink

    <3 Sallie...erosion is a world wide phenomenon and being on the ocean makes it all the more visible especially during high winds and gales.

    Kim...I a child I said to myself..SELF, you will one day live near the ocean..and...ta da

    Sharon... swimming did you say swimming!

  17. The 'slorin' got it, spot on. Unless of course, the damage is somewhat constructive!

  18. Knowing there is not a single thing, which you can do about it... Still... I wonder... Is this considered "good" or "bad"? By the people living around these parts?

    And I'm happy to see that *someone* is enjoying the new "linking" stuff!!! ,-)

    Hugs and ♥'s...
    'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

  19. It's amazing to me to see snow on a beach. I think of snow as being something that happens everywhere *but* on beaches. Stupid, I know, but I love seeing your photos teaching me differently.

    Beaches with snow are gorgeous! And, I love hearing about how rapidly the land changes there. In most parts of the Earth, it takes eons for tiny changes. For you, one Nor'easter, and you've got a new beach!

    Yes, Sophie, my dogs agree - it's tough keeping us hoomans happy! But, I'd say that both you and my dogs have great lives!

    Your human commented about teaching you not to approach people unless you have permission. That is one of the very toughest things to teach a sociable dog, in my experience. But, perhaps you're mellow enough to learn it quickly. In the case of my dogs, when I see another person, I call them to me and leash them. Then, if the other person says that they want to meet my dogs, I release them. I haven't yet been able to teach our younger Lab, R, to hold a sit-stay until he receives permission to visit (K can do it, though). R is just too darn excited to meet all the fun people on this Earth!

    Keep having fun!


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