Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Collar!

Recently I entered a caption contest over at
after clicking on the above link 
then click on the last picture showing a dog sitting in front of 9 donkeys.
That's my entry....woohoo...I won!
That's how come I have a new collar!
Have a look at my Asian inspired motif collar.

The suspense was palpable.....

....and there it was....
A brand new collar which happened to be my colours!
The two colours that make me a whole...brown and blond/gold!

I just love my new collar and I figure a walk 
in Point Pleasant Park tomorrow
is needed to show it off.

Many thanks go out to Joan at
for accepting my entry.

Here is another close up
so you can see the symbols.
Haven't a clue as to what they mean
but I could imagine 
Peace and Love going out to All!


  1. you look beautiful....just beautiful. but then you always do!!

  2. Sophie, that has to be the most beautiful collar in the world, it suits you to a T! Perfect!

  3. Sophie...the collar is divine! Your colors indeed.

  4. That is the perfect collar for you, Sophie. It does, indeed, match your lovely fur so very well. You are going to knock everyone out with your chic appearance at the Park tomorrow.

  5. Awesome collar Sophie!! You look beautiful!

  6. congratulations, it's gorgeous! Now don't go getting it wet and dirty at the beach.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. I love it Sophie. You are so beautiful!

  8. Congrats on winning with a very cool photo. The collar is perfect for your fur Sophie. It brings out the highlights!

  9. The colors suit you perfectly, Sophie!

  10. Beautiful....your such a lucky girl..!!


  11. that's a nice looking collar, Sophie. congrats on winning the caption contest. you're very witty.


  12. Congrats on your win! What a beautiful collar!

  13. Sophie you look like a fashionista in your new collar - you are a beautiful girl!


  14. Your new collar is beautiful, Sophie! It makes your fur look so rich and pretty!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. You look fabulous Sophie,simply fabulous!

  16. Sophie, I LOVE your beautiful new 'bling!' It is perfect for you!!

  17. Wow, Sophie! It's like that collar was made for you; it looks so pretty! Well done, you clever girl!

  18. This is a fantastic blog! Isn't Nova Scotia the most beautiful setting for dogs in nature? Your pictures are glorious. hope you don't mind if I follow along. Sophie is a stunner of a beauty.

  19. wow sophie you look fabulous in your new collar. Congrats with the win.

  20. awww sophie girl you are ADORABLE in your new collar!! it accentuates your pretty curls and makes you look like the princess that you are!!!!!!!!!

    congrats on winning. i bet you stayed up all night entering that contest! was it difficult to hold the pen in your paw? i bet not cuz you are so talented.

    enjoy that celebratory walk in the park when you go! and keep warm!!

  21. Wow, that looks like it was custom made just for you Sophie. Great colors and if I remember correctly your yard has an asian feel with all the beautiful Japanese Maples.

  22. Congratulations, Sophie, that's a very pretty collar. And I loved your entry because donkeys are my most favorite animals....ooophs, my second most favorite after dogs!--Inger

  23. Very nice collar, Sophie! And I enjoyed reading all the doggie captions. Yours was funny!


  24. Ron you made my day with your comment! That is crazy that you lived in New Albany! Our little camp is out on Trout lake-- and the Snowshoe post I just put up was at the Shannon River. We will have to get the dogs together this spring/summer so we can post about Lawrencetown, your beach shots are stunning. I know nothing about taken pictures but I do enjoy Nova Scotia scenery. That is very interesting that you owned an Afghan, they are the funniest dogs. Groucho belongs to my best friend but the two of them hang out all the time. You and jim and Sopie must come visit us in warmer weather--that would be such a good blog post. Cheers! janice and Guinness


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