Monday, January 3, 2011

Fort Needham Romp!

On our way to Jim's, Aunt Annabel's
for tea and sweets, we decided to stop off at Fort Needham
for a quick romp and ball-sharing foolishness!
We met Booth....a Rotty/Staff mix,
and Olive...a Scottie
and Stanley...standard Poodle.
A lot of canine sniffin' went on.
Olive kept up to us, even with the stick in her mouth.
"No way are those taller dogs going to leave me out of this"...I heard Olive say many times!
Booth kept stealing the ball.
So needless to say....I had to keep an eye on him.
Wasn't going to lose another orange ball at those $$$.
Stanley was a sturdy Poodle
and was kinda pushy with his domination antics.
I just gave him the evil eye every know and again.
It worked a bit but he was bound and determined to win me over....
Near the end, after a lot of running and tackling
we congregated around Ron.
We needed to head off because Annabel was waiting
with sweets and tea....perfect ending to a perfect romp!
While I slept in the car....
This is what the guys were doing at Annabel's.