Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wave Action!

We slipped down to Conrad's Beach
this afternoon for our daily walk.
So glad we did, at least that's what the guys kept saying.
The waves were putting on a spectacular show
and we were able to capture it.
I ran immediately after the ball managing to grab it
before it entered the waters.
The waves were quite impressive
especially with the aerial dancing of some of the spray.
Jim was having a grand time playing with his new Nikon D90
I kept teasing Ron.
He's so easy!
I, so, enjoy my travels to our beaches.
They are close so therefore instant gratification.


  1. Awesome waves!!! I am so jealous of Ron and that new camera! Truly spectacular! I see that you had lots of fun, Sophie!

  2. Amazing photos!

    So Hi, I'm here 'cause Debra said you wanted to learn how to "do" a click-able link. -blush- I'm showing-off there, with that click-able link to her "She Who Seeks" blog, of course. ,-)

    As I told her... for a long time, I couldn't doooo it. But by now, it's pretty easy. Trouble is, I'm not a tech, and I don't know how to explain, in a simple way. I end up being very long-winded, I fear.

    So I'll write a joint email to the both of you, and try to make myself understood. Anyone else would probably Search for a site, which instructs this bit of "blogging stuff," and send you there.

    But!!! Not-techy-me can hardly ever understand those how-to-do-it sites!!!! I had to learn, from a dear blogging friend, way back when. She wrote me long-winded instructions and I wrote them on my pad, and followed them, until I could do it myself. ,-)

    Soooo, when anyone asks me, I do it, the way that "Rottie" taught me. :-)

    I'm not familiar with a "Labradoodle" but she looks sweet. And our son's family have 2 wonderful black Labs, which we love. So, I'm sure the "lab-part" carries over to any dog, who his it in him/her. :-)

    In the morning, I'll try composing my long-winded instructions. Be warned. I do use a lot of words. -Hehhhhhh- You can see that, from this comment though! ;-)

  3. Beautiful pictures, Nearly as good as being there.

    Love Winnie

  4. I am amazed with the photos you post. They are so beautiful and detailed. I agree with Winnie its almost as good as being there

  5. Sophie - That looks like an A-MAZING time! You're a lucky pup!

    The Road Dogs

  6. I know I've commented many times on how much I enjoy your pictures, so I'll say it again since its been brought up in the above comments...You should make cards out of them or frame them, because they really are amazing!

  7. Don't your paws get chilly? It looks so cold and windy there. But I know you loved your walk, you lucky girl.--Inger

  8. Love it! Just magic.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. I think I have a bad case of beach envy. The big lakes are beautiful, but nothing like your ocean. The sounds of the ocean today must have been just as magnificent as the pictures.

  10. Your hoomans take the most incredible pictures, Sophie! They are just gorgeous!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. I'm freezin' looking at these beautiful photos. Didn't you get cold Sophie? There's nothing like a beach.

  12. Both of your daddies take fantastic photos! Those waves are spectacular! That second photo is just WOW!

  13. Wow what a beautiful place and great photos! It just looks magical.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. What lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Beautiful! It sure looks freezing
    Benny & Lily

  16. Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for visiting. I've checked out your blog, you have some of my favorite things: a beautiful dog, beaches, and stunning photos! I look forward to following your adventures!!

  17. Those are amazing photos. The lighting and the waves awe me. And, seeing Sophie playing on that beach is wonderful. What a beautiful world you live in!

  18. Absolutely fabulous photos! What a magical place, excellent camera and wow! what a photographer :) Thank you for sharing these!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  19. Oh I envy you being able to go to the beach anytime you want. I love it when the spray flies off the top of the waves....fabulous photos...what a lucky girl you are....xx

  20. Look at you racing about the beach! So much fun!

    Amazing photographs.

  21. Those pictures are amazing... And I would love to take to take a walk on the beach... even though it looks cold out!

  22. Wow, those are GIANT waves! We can imagine how loud they must be! :D

  23. Beautiful photos! We love seeing you having such fun. have a great weekend. Ros and Oscar

  24. Yes!!!! YOur click-able link worked!!!!!!!!

    But that's because you are a quick-learner. Not 'cause I'm a techy. ,-)

    Whatever.... I'm glad to be of help.

  25. Great pictures, I love the waves! Looks like you all had a great time. I just got a Nikon D3100 and am really liking it. My previous camera was almost 10 years old, painfully slow. :-)

  26. You guys take such spectacular photos! The waves were impressive. Luved the gold ones!

    Waggin at ya,

  27. ROO...the gold waves...actually the color is caused by the sand in the water. Every winter the weather scoops up the sand into the water thus color change...come spring the sand will deposit on the shore creating a new beach or enhancing an already popular one! Ever changing landscape!

  28. Some say that our lakes in Michigan look like Oceans because they are so large and you can't see the other side. However, we don't have the tides that oceans have. Nore do we have the waves. The weather would have to be so bad to get waves like that, that you couldn't go out there.
    Our shorelines actually freeze. Only to be tore up by the gentle rolling of the lake. The ice then floats and bottlenecks in the narrow rivers that connect each of the lakes. This causes a damn effect that will cause flooding on one side and low water on the other. We live neer one of those spots. The icebreakers run all winter and spring to keep it flowing.

  29. I agree the ocean did put on a spectacular show for you! It was very beautiful, and I'm very glad that you got to enjoy it! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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