Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow again!

As we prepared breakfast this a.m.,
the snow began falling.
Was this, finally, the commencement of 
a snow laden ground for the remainder of our winter?
I can only hope so!
After some coaxing, Ron took me out and man I had the best time!
See the snow on my 'chinny chin' chinhairs!
This is how I managed to get this look.

So you can see...
all this scrambling around with my stick
in the 'snowman snow' 
(which means it's very sticky snow)
has left my blond tips covered.

I really like this look
because it means
I had plenty of 
'snow munching' choices
my all-time favourite pass time!


  1. Wow, more snow for you to run and play in! That's a mighty big stick, there, Sophie! It looks like you are having a winter blast!

  2. Gorgeous photos... enjoy the snow!

  3. Did you leave the ball at home? Looks like it was a great time. We love the snow on your eyelashes!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. We have a feeling you love that snow
    Benny & Lily

  5. That looks like you had so much fun! We like to eat the snow too. Its delicious, isn't it?

  6. believe it or not we had a little snow in Texas today...

  7. looks like fun...we had a little snow here in Texas today....nothing stuck..

  8. Wow Sophie what a great day you had. We especially like your HUMONGOUS stick you found too cool!

  9. Somehow I suspect that Sophie enjoys the snow more than her Dads...but I may be wrong!

  10. We got a foot and a half of snow yesterday. I just got back in the house from snow shovelling (front steps, sidewalk, back deck). My Rare One is still out there with the snow blower doing the back driveway. Our lovely neighbour did the snow blowing for us on our front driveway and city sidewalk!

  11. Nothing like a good snow to perk you up! That snow looks good on you. Glad you go plenty of good snow playing time in today.

  12. Sophie, I'm glad you're enjoying the snow, that by the way really shows off those blonde highlights!

  13. That's one big stick, Miss Sophie! The pictures are gorgeous! It's snowing here too.

  14. Snow? Better you than me, Sophie. I hate snow. But, I do say you look beautiful in the snow!


  15. What a great romp in the snow. I take it that you eventually get a "permanent" layer of snow for the winter like we do? Some years, we lose something on the ground outside just before that "lasting snow" and never find it again until May!

    Love the snowy face!

  16. How cool! We both got snow, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Sophie
    I love your snow munching face, and i love your beautious snow

  18. Sofie, you look lovely with your dusting of snow powder! Enjoy your fluffy white stuff!


  19. Sophie...I think you are the most photogenic dog I have ever seen.

  20. Love it Sophie!!!! Chop those fantastic icicles, run in the pow, and roll-on my friend!! Super!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  21. So glad you had TONS of FUN in the Snow. Snow is magical ya know it. Little Janie got to run and play in the snow today, too. It turned her into the Energizer Puggy! She was running full speed ahead as if saying "HOORAY for snow!".
    Have a great day,
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

  22. Thanks Guys and Gals! Your kind remarks and empathetic "nature" is what keeps me rompin' and rollin' KB says.

  23. Oh wow! I just adore the snow. Ours has all gone. Ice cubes from the freezer are good too, especially when there's no snow ;-) Oscar

  24. awww sophie you are so darn cute, adorable and did i mention cute... that i could kiss your pretty face over and over!!!! i wuv woo sofy... enjoy the snow... who's a good girl....?

  25. Sophie, you look mahvelous with snow on your kisser.

  26. Sophie - You are cuter than a snow bunny!



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