Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peace in many ways!

Are you keeping up with me?
I told you last time that I had more to share with you.

Well, by the time we reached the end of the beach some surfers began to arrive.

I kept my eye on them because sometimes they call me over.
A free nuzzle always makes the beach visit that more enjoyable.

 I kept my eye on Jim while he got his feet wet.
I guess someone wasn't paying any attention.....'SNICKER'DOODLE!!

So as I was saying ~~~
 more surfers had their eyes on their goal
~~~ the perfect wave ~~~

It's as if they are in a trance
nothing will stop the march of the determined surfer.

These guys had already made it out into smooth wave action.
A seal had arrived and was sizing them up.
It was just on the other side of that ripple
and they thought it wanted to join in.

 Guess not!
This could be it!

I couldn't show you the disappointment on their faces.
The wave just faded away.
But look at this guy coming!

He had this smile on his face the entire walk down the beach.

A quick adjustment and out he paddled with guys and the seal.

Jim had managed to fulfill his inner peace
like he usually does
with a saunter after some Qi Gong moves,

while this fellow paddled ever so slowly
watching the birds fly by...

careening on the air currents
around MacDonald Hill.

Time to go home
have breakfast!
I know I worked up a good DoodleAppetite!

Peace to all my friends!
Tomorrow is Canada Day!


  1. You sure did! Great morning out. We think it's fantastic that you and your daddies have it all to yourselves...except for a few surfers.

    We think the seal should have come over to say hi to you and maybe play with Mr O.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. That seal would have to wrestle Mr. O outta my mouth, I'm afraid!

      They can be ornery you know.

      So staying out in the waves is just fine with me!!

  2. That would be fun to play with a seal!! Happy Canada Day, Sophie!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

    1. I've never played with a seal, but word has it they are unpredictable!!

  3. Beautiful vistas for us to share Ron. Sophie in her element as usual.
    I think if I ever surfed (which I won't, as I like to see what's below me as in a pool), it would need to be warm water such as Hawaii.

    1. I can handle that desire to test the waters of Hawaii.

      My friend Louise just returned from there, she had some great photos of her hubby and herself managing the riptides on the North Shore. Hold on tight ~~~ that's for sure!

      Big day for you, Craig tomorrow ~~~ word gets around in my world!!

  4. Happy Canada-Day, Sophie!

    Hm, you could play with the seal. Maybe he would like your Mr. O :)))

    Have a great day. Of to CHIO I go. Take care.

    1. CHIO CHIO CHIO....!!!

      Hoping for sunny days tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

      Come by and see my CANADA DAY post!!!

      Sophie Doodle

  5. What a peaceful morning, Sophie!
    oops - sorry about DaddyJim's shoes!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. The Dads are ALWAYS getting their feet wet on this beach!

      The waves slip in so quickly and whooosh they are soaked.

      No problem for me, because I get wet immediately!!!

      Sophie *SUPERSOAKED* Doodle here!

  6. What a wonderful way to spend the day...right near the water! My favourite place...

    I do admire those surfers. It must be exhilarating riding the waves!

    1. The Dads would have tried this sport 20 years ago easily. They were fitness nuts then, but now it's aching to think about it!

      They told me that the waves can pull you under so very quickly.

      Beware, at all times!!


  7. Hey Sophie Doodle!
    What a week you've had! I've been enjoying all your posts! And that surfer on a wave that pops up behind your header! Wow! So sorry to hear about your paw ~ we girls don't like to be reined in! But at least your beach now has its sand back, and you and the dads can go there.

    Nova Scotia has been so cool, grey, and cloudy. Definitely different here. There is a guy hanging out in Death Valley, Nevada, in the hopes of experiencing a new hottest reliably recorded temperature on Earth! Good luck, Buddy! You won't find me there!

    Ron's pictures have been extra awesome lately. Waves, seals, surfers, a bunch of little sailors trying to manage their sailboats, et. al.

    You have a great week! Do they do fireworks on Canada Day? If they do, I hope the explosions don't bother you too much. My scottie MacBeath used to hate July 4th.
    Take Care

    1. LouLouDoodle!!

      Major HELLO!!!

      Yes our weather is the pits
      cold and dank ain't making me call it quits
      just rainpants and coats
      in our rockin' jolly boats
      takes us to the park and beach
      which isn't outta reach
      unless you are a whoose
      at the end of your caboose!!

      Saw that info about the guy in Death Valley, was wondering if he was going to be OK!? That heat is just way too much ~~~ we suffer at 30C with 30C humidity. Death Valley is dry heat but way too crazy!!

      Hoping for sun on July 1st but this is the MerryTimes so we are so used to weather adversity. Don't you remember that!!!?

      Drop by tomorrow to see my CANADA DAY post....a little video laugh at the end!!


      Sophie with Ron's assistance!

  8. Those surfers are a brave bunch
    Did you find anything in the dirt for lunch lol

    1. Mais 'oui oui' monsieur
      grabbing in a blur
      sweet morsels so tasty
      that just make me so crazy
      but I know I'm loved......!

  9. Have you ever tried body-surfing, Sophie? Looks like you have the waves for it!

    Happy Canada Day.

    1. I HAVE body surfed on another beach when the wave action is stronger and higher.

      I used to be fearless. I

      'd even try it again if the Dads would go to that beach again!!

  10. We got cooler just reading this post and seeing those pics! Happy Canada Day to you all!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

    1. Hope you world isn't too HOT now.

      Been watching the weather channel and the heat is unreal.

      Take care my Doodle friends !!

  11. My Momz sez that just being near the ocean is a source of peace for her...Love all your photos today and got a laugh at your "snickerdoodle" Happy Sunday Sophie!

    1. Nothing better than having a SNICKEERDOODLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What a lovely morning at the beach. Nice shots of the surfing action.

  13. SNICKERDOODLE! That's so cute. I love you, Sophie.


  14. A beautiful morning on the beach. Would love to feel that wet sand squishing between my toes!
    I really like the first picture of you prancing on the beach, Sophie.

    1. Squishy fishy
      sandy toes
      look at my tootsies
      and say no more!


      I love the beach!

  15. No way could I keep up with you, Sophie Doodle!
    Beautiful photos, Ron.

    1. I am outta control, gurlfriend!!

      Just outta control!

  16. Happy Canada day to you!
    And today looked like a nice day too!

    1. Thanks Tweedley-Dee !!!!

      Life is grey skies right now but they will go away and the sun will shine because I just know it!!


  17. Your shadow is keeping up
    Benny & Lily

    1. Isn't it always the way ~~~ run as hard and fast as possible and your bestest friend is right there with you!!


  18. Dat first photo is dah bomb Soph ...yur da takes thes best pictures of you aye Sophie
    Bark on our Canadian friend
    OUr da will be woof back a Molson ...or em eh he did on Canada Day we are late as usual
    Xo Cricket, Jayda and Gabby the Russian dog ... or rushing dog ~ both apply

    1. Betah late dan nevah!!In my books!

      Molson all the way or in my neck of the woods ~~ Keith's Moosehead!!

      Happy July 4th to you all!

      Sophie and Ron


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