Monday, June 10, 2013

Halesia in the Public Gardens

While Jim took me to see Pops in the Veteran's hospital today,
Ron took a few minutes to do some errands 
and visit

He was in another world 
with all the bright azaleas, rhododendrons, 
greenery and red beech trees in bloom.

But with all the colour he zoned in on this white 
 which he had never seen before.

It truly is amazing we spend so much of the year
in Nova Scotia looking at the white snow
and when spring and summer arrive
he is more attracted to the white flowers and trees
than the others.

My sojourns are going very well,
no treats though because of my new diet.
Pops wasn't happy about this fact.
He tries so hard to sneak 
food to me all the time.
No wonder I perk up
when I'm told we are going for
a hospital visit!

 And no wonder Ron likes these Silver Bells
just look at those dainty flowers
just hanging there.
They really are beautiful.

See what I mean!

A lonely specimen tree nestled in along
the pond's edge ~~ quite remarkable!

 Even this palest of pinkish/white rhododendron 
was no match for the Halesia.
And he loves rhodos!!

Heading back to the car
he noticed the draping trees
with accent of azaleas.

Unfortunately Doodlely Dogs are not permitted
to roll on the grass or even visit
the Public Gardens.
So when the guys have a chance they jump at it.
I don't mind if I can't go,
I have my on Private Gardens at home.

One more hand please!
Just one more!