Friday, June 14, 2013

Dancing with Jim!

I'm over the top excited with my Summer cut
and a quick dance with Jim
is all I need to put the icing on the cake!

You'll see how teasing Jim has become my forté!

With the 4 Step under my belt
it's time to mosey on along our trail
that has become quite a ritual
these passed 6 years!

Down the grade to the water's edge for a dip ~~~
you will see 2 lobster boats 
 just returning from
a day hauling traps.

Notice my tail!
It's super bushy!
I'm going to grow a major, attention-seeking, dusting wand
in the next 4 months.
No 'skinny minnie' tail for me this time!

The spring water was gushing 
in my favourite drinking hole, today, too.

I'd say everything is going mighty fine
since my haircut appointment.
Have a great weekend, everyone!