Saturday, June 15, 2013

'Carnival Glory' arrival!

 The Carnival Glory based in Boston 
has 2 blogger friends on board
they are coming to see me
oh yeah, Jim and Ron too.
(Optical illusion ~~ don't you think!)

I'm so patient sitting in the back of a new Jeep rental
because our car is just too small.

I was told Jim and Ron thought this was the entrance/exit
so they stood waiting.
Well, nope wrong....but they got a cool video
of the ship arriving...look below!

Perfect timing!

From out of nowhere a lady mentioned that they would get a better view 
three flights up on the deck,
so up they trudged and she was right.

They were the only ones on this level
very colourful on this grey day.

Jim is leaning on the railing sizing up this vessel.
It's huge!

Smile on candid camera!

Oh, Jim was taking a picture of this view
which is a sample of what the tourists see on board.

So inside the building waiting for
 our blogger friends, 
Stew and Ed 
to disembark,
Jim stands on tippy toes
to see if he can see them.
So many people came down the gangway
another invasion of sorts!

Well, did I mention I fell in love again!

You'll see what happens as we take an 8 hour tour of Halifax.
Dog owners really know how to play.