Thursday, June 6, 2013


With Tropical Storm Andrea 
working her way up the eastern seaboard ~~~

our skies were taking on new cloud formations
and were doubly effective with the beach reflections.

Jim is heading up over the rocks to get a better vantage point
of the inukshuk
someone constructed recently.

Rocks, clouds, inukshuks!

All I know is that I felt good being out
walking the beach with the guys.

They were all excited about the clouds formation
and I was glad to be able keep up.

This is our beach in early June
with a surfer or two.
Hang Ten
you peeps
the waves will be here
on Saturday!

So the clouds were quite spotty in places
and almost like alien ships in others.

Jim was not about to let anything go by
with capturing it.

All I know is that I captured
my salad for the day
it was 
Mmmm Mmmm Good!