Monday, August 11, 2014


Hi Folks!
Here we are at 9 p.m. catching the Super Moon!
The second one this summer too!
One more will grace our skies in September so be prepared.

Off to the east we catch a glimpse of the pink trail of folks flying 
to who knows where.

Can you imagine being up there and seeing this gorgeous moon tonight?
I can!

 Look at me everyone!
I'm "Mr.Orangie-less"!
The guys were all GaGa over the Super Moon
so forgot to bring "HIM" along.
Imagine that!

Oh well, I'll let it go this time
but next month 
Mr. Orangie
will be found snuggly
with in my clasp.

We slipped off the hill
and scooted down to the beach to see these two lovebirds
jumping off the lifeguard stand.

I sniffed around plenty and found seaweed and more rocks as usual.
Some people go GaGa over these rocks like you wouldn't believe.

Look 2 more lovebirds taking a selfie.

See what the Super Moon does to you without you realizing.

So with this all under our belts,
we headed back home and this greeted us as we walked into the living room.
Mother Nature!
You can be so beautiful 
in such a mysterious way.