Sunday, August 17, 2014


After a long summer of greetings and licks,
Daddy Jim succumbed to a 24 hour bug today.

I am always waiting for the guys to ascend over the grassy dunes
and then descend to the beach below ~

but this morning was a bit slower than usual
"my Doodle Powers and all"
 could zone in on it
~ just like snapping your fingers ~

I did my familiar jaunt
up and down
the beach with ease and speed.

The surfers were learning their craft
as is the familiar scene this time of year.

such Joy in the water this time of year

but when I turned around to come back
with my faithful retrieval
Daddy Jim had returned to the car,
I knew something was up.
So Ron and I continued for a few more rounds and 
then headed back to the car 
and then home
for a snoozy day.