Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hey Sophie!
What's up?
Your 4 Doodle Paws are certainly in a hurry.
Where are you heading?

I know sweetie ~ Jim's not here with us!
Ain't as much fun without him, is it!?!

Mr. Orangie gets a workout  with mucho munching
when Daddy Jimbo has to work.
We'll make the best of it, honest!

Besides look over there on the hill.
He's working hard for only 4 hours today
meeting all kinds of people.
Remember the day he let you come inside MacDonald House
and you ran around like a cracker jack on fire!?!

Well, he remembers that too and
is thinking of you 
all the great help you assisted him with.
I just looked at the time and I think it's time to pick him up.
Let's Go!!