Saturday, November 28, 2015


Look down!
I am 'way down here.
Do you see the new creation of Daddy Ron's?

It took him a very, very long time to pick up his needles again.

Fine motor skills and brain cognition
go hand in hand ~

so from out of the blue
these factors seemed to be working much more smoothly again.

I usually sit nearby
watching his creations being formed ~

and for some reason
this knitting ball 
keeps creeping up on me!

I suggested that Daddy Ron
should lay the beginnings of his 6 foot scarf
on the glass plate sitting on his mother's
cedar chest ~

he noticed the wooden caster he found 
while on a trek one day
placed it square in the middle 

he tells me 
"It feels so good to be using my hands again
along with my brain.
Colours, shapes and textures
make me whole again
by just picking up on a hobby
taught to me by my grandmother and mother,
once so engrained
really gives one hope 
that there can be more around the corner"
(many thanks to Cindy for the petrified wood
to the mystery sea glass maker on the beach
the owner of the wooden caster 
from long ago)