Sunday, December 6, 2015


It's Sunday morning
I have just dropped Daddy Jim off at his shop.
The beach is over the hill,
Daddy Ron and I decided a trek along the shore 
would start the day off perfectly.

I was stopped in my tracks immediately
because I saw a person sitting on the rocks.
~ in my DOODLEHEAD ~
"people mean treats"
As I approached the figure ~~~

Not fair!
I realized that I was totally wrong,
maybe it was the mirage effect
that came over me,
so I moseyed on ~~~

looking for Mr. Orangie 
Do you see him?
I don't!

Again, Mr. Orangie just blends in.
Maybe a good inhale of this seaweed will
improve my GPS skills!

Maybe not!

If you see him in this picture then you have better eyes than me.

I saw these hearts on the beach
felt pretty good all over.

We galloped back home for a break  
and then ~~

 returned around 4:30 
to pick up Daddy Jim.

This fellow was just hanging around
gliding on the currents
up and down
the hillside.

He saw me 
because he waved.
I flipped my tail at him
he slipped up the slope again.

 The sun had almost disappeared on the horizon
signifying that another day had come and gone.

This was quite a special day
nothing extraordinary
just a 
"feelgood day"!
I hope your day was a 
"feelgood day" 
if it wasn't then re-read this post
maybe you'll feel a bit better.