Saturday, December 26, 2015


We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day weather-wise.
It felt like spring had arrived and winter was just a sweet memory.
I even went in for a swim.

 Mr. Orangie was in rare form,
so I figured that he needed reigning in / taming down
so I was super focused in rescue mode!

Daddy Jim was sporting his new down Arcteryx hoodie jacket
which he says will definitely take care of the Jan/Feb/Mar cold wind and snows.
After last winter's onslaught (the worst in recent memory)
I heard him mumbling "....just bring it on Old Man Winter, now just bring it on!!"

I ran into mucho furry friends like these 2 Leonbergers and a mini-poodle.
Oh yes, super friendly for sure.

 Lookee here!
Our tails match, not planned in the least.

Very short video (less than one minute) will show you how great a day we had.

Even this Queen of Hearts was holding court high on the rocks!

Come back again soon,
since the New Year 2016
is looming on the horizon!